Pink Connect

Company Type: Telecoms supplier to business
Member Name: Andy Beddow
Contact email:
Telephone: 03454509393
Address: Connect House, Mill Street, Shipston on Stour, CV36 4AN

Company Profile

We are a national Business Communications company, established since 2002, offering a complete suite of business, office and telecoms solutions for over 2,000 small and medium size businesses across the UK.

We are dedicated to customer service and enjoy 98% customer loyalty year on year. Experience the Pink Connect difference!

We care about what your business really needs, then we design a solution that really meets your requirements looking into the future, ensuring you operate effectively from day one at an affordable cost.

We are committed to providing outstanding personalised services, high quality communications at competitive prices.


Service & Product Synopsis

Our Services focus on solving problems not just selling a product.  We will only sell you a service if you need it.  One thing we know you will need however is security. Did you know that UK SME’s are now being targeted by hackers and that government has seen a significant rise in attacks on SME’s with up to 75% reporting some sort of security breach and that:

  • The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in 2018 and could result in companies being fined up to €20m or 4% of their annual turnover, whichever is greater, for allowing any security breaches to compromise their customer data

And according to the Cyber Streetwise campaign, a cross-government initiative run by the Home Office, major cyber threats to SMEs include:

  • Ransomware – where a piece of malicious software, typically received via a phishing email, encrypts all of the data on the company’s network, with the perpetrators requesting a ransom (typically £500–£1,000) in order to provide the decryption key.

Fortunately to counter the above Pink Connect have created its own Unified Threat Management Service along with the following services:

  • Fast Internet even when Fibre is not available
  • Secure managed Wi-Fi.
  • Call Centres
  • Hosted Voice over IP
  • 4G solutions and business mobiles
  • MPLS networks

Special Offers & Promotions

Currently we are seeing a demand for 4G solutions.  These typically include antenna, routers and VOIP telephone service and have delivered speeds of 60Mbps download in areas were broadband fibre is just not available.  These solutions are particularly suited to large country house estates that are listed as the solution can be implemented in a sympathetic way and deliver a service that is flexible and cost effective.

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