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Company Type: Energy Procurement Specialists
Member Name: Mike Earl
Contact email: mike.earl@rhutilities.co.uk
Website: www.rhutilities.co.uk
Telephone: 01926511631
Address: 157 Warwick Road

Company Profile

At RH Utilities we provide One Solution for all your Utility needs!

We have since 2008 asisted businesses in reducing their utility costs, and with our continuous support they manage their utility usage in the most cost effective way.

We help our customers to make the right decision at the right time to deliver the most cost effective utility solutions available!



Service & Product Synopsis

Energy Procurement

  • RH Utilities offer a fully managed procurement service for both traditional fixed term and also flexible gas and electricity contracts
  • We will identify the most appropriate procurement strategy in accordance with your energy portfolio and risk management criteria
  • We will advise on market timing, energy pricing trends and industry developments enabling our clients to choose the most suitable contract at the right time
  • We work with all UK energy suppliers ensuring our clients have a complete, true like-for-like evaluation of offers avilable

Market Intelligence

  • We deliver specialist Market Review Reports on electricity and gas to assist in optimising procurement
  • For flexible contracts we offer twice daily market reports enabling clients to monitor current prices against set target prices
  • Additional ad hoc reporting available on request
  • Market analysis ensures contracts are agreed when the market is at its best to deliver value for money specific to the requirements of your business
  • Ultimately you can be certain that the option we recommend will reflect the best available in the market at any given time

Site Works

  • End to end managed service through our strategic partner whether you need a new connection or to upgrade an existing supply
  • Multi Utility Service Experts provide a streamlined solution for the installation of gas, water and Multi Utilities service infrastructure
  • An accurate, appropriate and accelerated response to your needs

Water Solutions

  • Water procurement - secure the best water supply contracts utilising in depth knowledge and expertise of water company charging structures
  • Account validation enabling recoupment over over-charges going back up to 6 years
  • Water stewardship through our strategic partner to manage your water footprint, remain compliant and achieve recognised environmental certification
  • Water management solutions to reduce your cost and consumption and maximise efficiencies across your estate

Telecom Solutions

  • Bespoke solutions through our strategic partner for all your telecom needs
  • Extensive portfolio including telephone calls, lines, mobiles and tablets, cloud based solutions, leased lines, telephone systems, connectivity and IT
  • Account management consultative approach to create a tailor made tariff to suit the specific needs of your business

Special Offers & Promotions

We offer a FREE no obligation 'Health Check' across Energy, Water and Telecoms to ensure you are where you should be and enable the establishment of a procurement strategy to balance your appetite for risk and need for budgetary certainty over the years ahead.

Call us today for more details!

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