Good Companion

Company Type: Companionship and PA services for the Elderly
Member Name: Sarah Pagan
Contact email:
Telephone: 07792860164
Address: N/A

Company Profile

Good Companion is a Warwickshire based business offering administrative and companionship services to the elderly. It is all about making a difference to the older person and to their families. Nowadays the busy demands of life, work and young children means that families can't always spend as much time with their older loved ones as they would like. Good Companion gives peace of mind to the older person knowing that there is someone to look after them, take them out and spend time with them and also to their families knowing that there is a professional, caring and responsible person looking out for their loved ones. 

Service & Product Synopsis


  • Checking and arranging payment of household bills
  • Sourcing best deals for gas and electricity
  • Creating Christmas card list and helping to write cards
  • Ordering shopping online
  • Setting up mobile phones and email accounts
  • Party and holiday planning
  • Setting reminders for birthday cards and presents
  • Helping to write your life story
  • Collating photographs into albums


  • Shopping for food and clothing online or in person
  • Checking contents of fridge and restocking
  • Helping with light meals
  • Vetting tradespeople
  • Fresh eyes in the house
  • Organising recycling and putting out bins
  • Decluttering home
  • Checking safety in the home

Companion Support

  • Popping round for a cuppa and a chat
  • Trips out for coffee and cake
  • Going to theatre, cinema, museums or other events
  • Reading aloud from the newspaper or a book
  • Simply taking a drive or a walk in the country
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Phonecalls (by prior arrangement)


  • Attending hospital and other medical appointments
  • Sourcing medical and supportive equipment
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Recommending and sourcing care
  • Driving to meetings
  • N.B. There is no personal care provided.

Family Support

  • Checking on older relative on agreed regular basis to allow family to enjoy a break away
  • Texting an update to next of kin after every visit
  • Taking pressure off younger relatives to accompany to health appointments
  • Waiting in for tradespeople
  • Taking on some of the necessary chores that get in the way of quality family time

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