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Company Type: Leadership and transition coaching
Member Name: Nicholas McKie
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Telephone: +44 7718 217977

Company Profile

At Persyou we believe effective leadership coaching must be driven by you: your vision, your strengths and your priorities for development.

With extensive global leadership experience in the education and corporate world, we are passionate about offering you a highly personalised, professional and completely confidential service.

Our comprehensive range of solutions cover indivdual and team coaching, innovative appraisal and recruitment along with workshops on specific elements of leadership.

Service & Product Synopsis

Leadership Coaching: 1-1 and Team.

Discover how to:

  • Assess your personal strengths and explore how these can be developed to improve your overall leadership effectiveness.
  • Assess your performance risks, including weaker areas and overdone strengths, and how to deal more positively with these.
  • Set professional goals.
  • Look at ways to use strengths more effectively to raise your performance.
  • Handle the demands of your role.
  • Define career aspirations. 


Discover how to:

  • Understand your strengths with feedback from colleagues on your abilities.
  • Better understand your leadership style.
  • Identify ways to improve your overall performance and that of your organisation.
  • Build a positive work culture.
  • Ensure performance conversations are motivating and engaging.


Discover how to:

  • Attract and retain high quality talent.
  • Place talent effectively in your organisation.
  • Reduce turnover of staff and aid retention.
  • Ensure new staff peak quickly.
  • Refine interview design.


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