Company Type: Insurance Broker
Member Name: John McNeill
Contact email:
Telephone: 07729441459
Address: Greyfriars, 12 Queen Victoria Road, Coventry, CV1 3PJ

Company Profile

Gallagher in the UK supports nearly every industry, and has clients on every continent that rely on our expertise and experience. And we’re continuing to expand in the UK and internationally.  Wherever and whenever there is risk we want to be there for our clients - from individuals to small businesses to international conglomerates.

Our people, our depth of technical expertise and our global reach is critical in delivering unrivalled coverage, risk management and placement expertise.

Family values have been core to our culture since our parent company was founded and this drives the way in which we, Gallagher, look after our clients - our vision is to be the go-to insurance broker in the communities in which we operate.

Should you have any queries or wish to talk to one of our team please contact John McNeill  on 024 7623 2632 or 077 2944 1459. Alternatively send an email to

Service & Product Synopsis

As a UK community broker in Coventry, backed by a national network with international reach, we are well-placed to look after everyone from the newest start-ups right through to large multi-nationals. Services we offer include:

     - Global Solutions: Solutions in over 150 countries thanks to our Gallagher Global Alliance of local branches and partner brokers.

     - Corporate Insurance: Talk to us about your challenges and opportunities – we can help you to transfer your risks and create the resilience          you need for success

     -Business Insurance: We take care of SMEs, helping to protect your business, manage your risks and reduce your claims

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