Claric Legal Services Ltd

Company Type: Private limited company
Member Name: Richard Jenkins
Contact email:
Telephone: 024 7698 0613
Address: The Technocentre

Company Profile

Richard Jenkins set up Claric Legal Services in 2010 after being employed for more than 25 years. 

He believes that all organisations should have access to affordable legal support and have the peace of mind, self-comfort and self-confidence that comes with such support.

Claric’s mission is to provide quality legal support to both the public and private sectors. It aims is to provide ‘value for money’ legal services with customer satisfaction being its primary objective. Claric can assist clients to minimise their risk and protect their interests by providing contract drafting, reviewing and negotiation services along with legal, contractual and commercial advice on a wide range of issues.

Richard enjoys what he does and takes great satisfaction from providing solutions to clients’ problems. His goals are to take the stress, anxiety and mystery out of legal matters thereby making his clients’ lives better and generally to improve the image of the legal profession.

Service & Product Synopsis

Richard is a Chartered Secretary and law graduate with over 30 years experience of providing legal support, specialising in Commercial Law, Company Law and Corporate Governance. He has worked in both the private and public sectors and has direct experience of the Education, Pharmaceutical, Contract Catering and Professional Services Sectors.

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