Jigsaw Complete Communications Services Ltd

Company Type: Creative Direct Mail & Specialist Hand Fulfilment
Member Name: Rebecca Fahy
Contact email: info@jigsawccs.co.uk
Website: www.jigsawccs.co.uk
Telephone: 02476 017670
Address: Unit 1 Ground Floor, Rear of Systems House, Willenhall Lane, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2AS

Company Profile

We are creative mailing experts specialising in direct mail and unique hand fulfilment. We have the knowledge, expertise and creativity to deliver effective, stand-out jobs smoothly and efficiently.

We can do simple and effective letters into envelopes and standard regular post and packaging jobs, like brochures, catalogues and leaflets. As hand-fulfilment specialists, we offer creative possibilities. Jobs with complex requirements are no problem; we really like the challenge that they bring.

Service & Product Synopsis

We are much more than mailing and hand fulfilment:

• Identify Your Audience

• Source Data

• Creative Concept & Prototype

• Copywrite & Design

• Personalise & Print

• Collation & Fulfilment

• Postage Cost Consultancy

• Mailing & Distribution

• Telephone Follow Ups

• Manage Responses

You can use as many or as few pieces that you need to complete your picture.

Proven experience in:

Marketing & Communications

• Creative Direct Mail

• Complex Pick & Pack


Charity & Voluntary

• Fundraising Campaigns

• Newsletter Communications


Universities & Colleges

• Prospectus Mailing

• Welcome Packs


Events & Conference

• Event Invitations

• Goodie Bags



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