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Address: 34 Charles Watson Court.Shuckburgh Grove.Leamington Spa. CV32 7NT

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SAID (Speaking Academy for Inspired Dialogue)

Ernie Boxall

Inspirational Speaker-Leader-Musician/Poet

Ernie has spoken to thousands of people at seminars, conferences, workshops and live events where he combines speaking with leadership, stories, poetry and Native American flute music to deliver 'Inspired Keynote Concerts,' and exercise routines which are unique.

Ernie has been featured in articles on shiatsu, t'ai chi and exercise along with his experience as a teacher/fitness leader he now combines mentoring in speaking, verbal and physical communication.

Featured on national and international podcasts he has been interviewed by Doug Foresta, Michael Egar, Deborah Constanzo, Gary Jones, Kevin Appleby where he talks on improving speaking, presenting and wellbeing and his music appears on a podcast with Gary Foster.

Ernie has appeared as a keynote speaker with Leamington Trade Show-Kenilworth Trade Show-Leamington Tweetup-and appeared on stage with The Midland Association of Dental Hygienists-Burgis @ Bullock Accountants-Fitness Professionals-The Shiatsu Society.

Ernie is leading his own seminars, workshops and events as Founder and CEO of both Inspired Speaking Academy and Balance Health and Fitness where he inspires new start ups, business owners and net-work newbies to Turn Up-Stand Up-Speak Up and deliver the best of themselves.

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Testimonials are the real evaluater of a service industry.Here are some of ours:



"I myself have never received a massage of any variety and would class myself as a bit of a sceptic.
How wrong I was.
It was clear from a 15 minute session spent with Ernie that there is real healing power ‘in them there’ hands.
I left our meeting feeling that I would definitely like to try further treatments and feel more open to similar remedies." Helen Crisp..Tirebuck UK
"After a very busy period within our mailing and warehouse department, it was time for a well earned treat. Ernie came along to our offices and each team member had a 20 minute shiatsu massage. He provided an excellent service and great value for money – it made a nice change to the bacon sandwich or bag of doughnuts we would normally treat ourselves too!"Rebecca Fahy..JigsawCCS.

"For over two years, Ernie has been providing a shiatsu massage to my team at
Print2Please every last Friday of the month.Everybody looks forward to him coming-- the twenty minutes or so each spend with Ernie relaxes them, re-energises them and provides such a welcome boost on a day which can often be quite frenetic.Incredible value-- it is motivational for the team to know that the company cares about them, and Ernie is just brilliant. I know because if I am on site,I get my massage and that damned stiff shoulder is a thing of the past.Tony Herbert. Print2Please

"After knowing Ernie for a while i decided to try his massage after I had fallen ill with flu and wasn't getting beter. I felt amazing despite being sick and indeed feel amazing after everying session. Now I call him, Magic Ernie because he is truely remarkable and I would highly recommend that anyone gives Magic Ernie a go at least once to see how amazing you can feel." Colin Durrant.Colins IT

"My occupation can be quite physically demanding, any ache's or pains i get as a result are easily taken away with no pins needles or drugs by Ernie @ Balance Health & Fitness. I Have been using the services of Balance for nearly 18 months and would highly recommend him to anyone." Alan Watts A W Auto Tech

"After an initial consultation and "taster" shiatsu massage with Ernie, I felt revitalised, relaxed and physically well-balanced. I would recommend him to anyone who, like me, works at a desk and is a victim of poor posture." Maxine Howe. This Is Identity.

2010 has been a difficult year and if you're reading this then congratulations to you and your partner(s), employees and suppliers on surviving.I know that there have been many people involved in helping us to continue offering our services.Take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to the people who have worked with you by supplying this personal and corporate gift..A 15 or 20 minute Head,Neck and Shoulder therapy to revitalise and re-energise their day.The benefits of this gift to the people who are close to you are tangible.Are the pressures of work leaving them with stiff joints and headaches? What are the consequences of back pain for your employees?Do you want to increase your enjoyment of sport and leisure with re-newed fitness?

With 40 years experience of fitness work in football,rugby football,boxing,squash and tai chi Ernie is not your normal Personal Trainer.He has the knowledge and people skills to tailor sessions not only to your long term goals,but also to how you feel on the day..(see the article in the "Mail On Sunday" on how not to keep interest in your Bootcamp experience"

Balance Health and Fitness with Ernie Boxall




I want to thank you personally for visiting me on this website, and taking the time to learn about keeping fit and active through all stages of life.

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